Five Moves for a Healthy Golf Swing

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Back pain is a common complaint amongst golfers.  However, many of the issues that feed into back pain will also feed into various golf swing faults.

Within the FREE PainProof Golf Portal, you’ll find a 20 minute video that details five great moves I use with many of my golfers to keep them moving more efficiently within their swing.  These exercises help build the movement foundation and body-swing connection to support the forces that are exerted on it during the golf.

If you don’t have time to watch, you can also get the pdf download which is a quick reference for these basic “back hacks”.

  1. Pelvic Tilts (multiple positions)
  2. Elastic Hips
  3. Book Openings
  4. Buggy Swans
  5. Resistance Band Squats with Weight-shifts

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